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Ariel rendering of the new Art Complex
Interior rendering of the new Art Complex

Project Description

Located on the corner of 14th Street and Pico Boulevard, the new Arts Complex will replace the old and aging Art Buildings on main campus. The new art complex will house three arts education pillars: studios, teaching spaces and workshops; prioritizing function over discipline.

The College is to receive up to $10 million in State funding for this project, which requires a local match.

Funding Source

Measure V and State of California


Grimshaw Architects / Little Diversified Architectural Consulting



Math & Science building

Exterior rendering of M&S building
Interior rendering of the M&S Building

Project Description

This project proposes to construct a new addition to the current Science Building that would consolidate Mathematics and Sciences programs. The project would provide programs adequate space for expansion while accommodating the projected program and enrollment growth. The Math Department is currently operating within a temporary facility, which does not provide the infrastructure to support the modern technology necessary for a successful educational delivery. Science programs are dispersed in four different locations on campus, preventing effective communication and sharing of resources among faculty, students and staff. Additionally, as indicated by low capacity/load ratios, deficiencies in lab space are not allowing the programs with heavy laboratory components, such as science, to provide adequate instructional space today or expand program offerings to meet enrollment growth in the future. Consolidating Mathematics and Science programs into the Science Building would encourage inter-disciplinary interaction and achieve goals outlined in the District’s Master Plan.

Funding Source

Measure AA, V, and State of California




Icon West

Math & Science Building Rendering


Math & Science Building Phase 2 Construction

Math & Science Building Demolition

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